Keep your apps moving.

Let Gulfstream handle your app's scaling. Save money by using the optimal size of droplet. Scale only when you need to. Register now to get notified when we launch and receive a free month!

Easily and understandable scaling.

By creating scale policies, you can tell our systems when to scale up or down your droplets. Ensuring the smooth experience of your users, no matter the load.

Manage your resources.

Need more space? No issues. We can allocate disks automatically for you.

Get smart recommendations.

Our algorithms will analyze the use of resources and recoomend the best droplet size for you.

Starting with Gulfstream is easy!

Gulfstream is a service that handles your droplet's vertical scaling automatically. You create policies for scaling and our system monitors your droplet. Let us take care of your app's performance. Save money by utilizing your droplets to the max. Scale only when you need to.

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Pricing Plans

We have different pricing plans depending on your needs. Some clarifications - an app means a single droplet.



  • 1 App
  • Scale checks every 30 minutes
  • No reccomendations
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  • Unlimited Apps
  • Scale checks every minute
  • Smart Reccomendations
  • Resource Management
  • Alerts
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  • 5 Apps
  • Scale checks every 10 minutes
  • Smart Reccomendations
  • Resource Management
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