Gulfstream.sh is a service for automated vertical DigitalOcean droplet scaling.

What is vertical scaling and why do you need it?

Imagine having a web app on a droplet (VM / Server) with 2 vCPUs and 4 gigs of RAM - you probably need to pay around $20 a month, that's $0.03 per hour. Now, imagine your app doesn't need those resources at all times, in fact it only needs them a few times a week. Why would you pay $0.03 per hour at all times, when you can pay half that, even less. This is where vertical scaling helps. You can lower the resources on your droplet when you don't need as much, or increase them when you expect to have a lot of stress on your system. But doesn't that seem like a tedious work to do manually? Yes. And this is where Gulfstream.sh drops in. We gather metrics and monitor your droplet. If it needs scaling, we automaticaly do it for you.

How to do it?

When you first access our console, you will be prompted to add a DigitalOcean token. This gives us the ability to manage the resources in your digital ocean account. Please, follow the steps described here and make sure you create a token that only Gulfstream.sh will use. That way you can always track what we are doing and easily remove access without interrupting other services. The token needs to have read and write scopes.

After you have added the token, you will be allowed to add Apps to your gulfstream account. Apps are containers for droplets. Each app will have one digitalocean droplet in it.

After you've added an app, you can assign scale policies to it. Those scale policies will tell our system when (under what conditions) to scale up/down your droplet.


How does it all work?
We install monitoring software on your droplet (don't worry, it's light as a feather) and gather metrics for it. We then check the metrics every X minutes, depending on your payment plan, against your scale policies. If there are discrepencies, we schedule a scale up or a scale down. This is where the magic happens. Our system decides what size your droplet should scale up to depending on the metrics, it also decides wheather it should scale down at all and if so, what size to. After all that is done, we talk to DigitalOcean and scale your droplet.

Do you only support vertical scaling?
At this time, yes. We have plans to support horizontal scaling in the near future.

When is horizontal scaling coming?
Soon. It is in the works, but we need to make sure it is operating without any hiccups.

Is DigitalOcean the only cloud provider you support?
Yes, DigitalOcean is the only cloud provider we support. If you want to see another cloud service provider supported by us, please send us a letter via our contact form.